Surprise of the Autumn

13 Oct

Finland has 4 seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn . Now is the season of the Autumn wich begging at the end of august in Lapland and month later in southwestern Finland , the temperature below to 10º and start to go down to 5º or 0º at night , is very interesting to see how the forest changes colors from the beautiful green to red, orange or yellow.Finland Forest

I have to say looks beautiful to see the trees full of different colors the weather here in the south of Finland is not so cold even yesterday was the first snow which most of the time begins in the south in October or November and in the north in September . Here is one picture of the forest today morning after the snow of yesterday 😀 beautiful combination of colors of the autumn with the beginning white of the snow .


4 comentarios to “Surprise of the Autumn”

  1. Sartenada marzo 21, 2012 a 6:18 am #

    ¿Dónde sacaba esta foto hermosa?

    • virideth marzo 21, 2012 a 6:24 am #

      Hola =) muchas gracias que bueno que te gusto mi foto, la tome en un pueblo cerca de lahti =)
      si quieres ver mas fotos que tome de finlandia aqui te dejo mi flickr subo varias =)

      • Sartenada marzo 21, 2012 a 6:49 am #

        Muchas gracias.

        Tengo un post presentando

        Walking in Lahti.

        Espero que te gusta.

      • virideth marzo 22, 2012 a 12:00 am #

        Moi, Moi
        Muchas gracias por compartir tu link me gustaron mucho tus fotos =)


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