30 of April

1 May

30 of April and i Just remeber today is a day of Alo t of Celebrations in the world 😀 like For example
In mexico is call Dia del Niño Or Children´s Day , this iday is dedicated for all the children in mexico, these day all the children in their schools have parties and they recived a lor of candies is very nice and cute celbration 😀 Some times the teachers made a bag of candies as a gift to them , and of course in the house he children recive some little gifts.
I made this picture To all 😀 Hope you like it
Other celebration On 30 of May is Walpurgis Night this celbration is the origin Chrisitan these name is becouse of a saint call Saint Walpurga.
Of course The vikings celebrated these day for welcome the spring , becouse the light will returnd again. In some countries this celebration continues also the 1 of May
The countries that celbrates this are :
Estonia : Wich name is Volbriöö they celebrated in the night of 30 till early hours of May 1 is called the Spring Day .
Finland: Called Vappu is considerated one of the most important festivals , the celebration beggins on april 30 and continues May 1. One of the traditions is to Drink sima is a sweet mead made with lemon, sugar,Dry yeast and Raisins For be Honest I never try this Might be next time i will Im interest in the flavoir .
Everybody is celbrating outside in the parks.
Sweden also the people gather in the parks and enjoy the time and have fun
In other countries that celebrate this are :Czech Republic,Germany.
oh and in Netherlands the 30 is the celbration of Queensday
Hope next time i will be there to celebrating one in one of this countries 😀 have fun 😉 Or did you have already Hurraay 😀


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