See you at the stars David Bowie

11 Ene

” I Dont Know  Where Im Going  From Here , But I Promise it won’t be Boring “  ….. David Bowie …. The Man Who Feel To Earth


The planet is blue 😢 but you are back to the stars David Bowie 😊💖 where everything is oddity but completly beautiful & shinning there Far Above the moon.🌚

You teach us to all be Heroes of our on history each day no matter What, How,  but be!

”  I I will be king  And you You will be queen Though nothing will Drive them away
We can beat them Just for one day  We can be Heroes , Just for one day ” 👑

This Lyric its so beautiful and remind me the special people have left us behind 😔😙💖 but remind in our hearts. 

“Angels have gone, We never talk anymore, Forever I will adore you, Cold station
All of my life , Forever I’m out here forever” 💖💖💖

I wanted to share and leave you this to all of you, Its really sad when a close person , Great Artists, Minds or Hearts  left us here in this pretty Blue Planet .

But im sure they will keep remind in here . Because they leave us in different ways such big legacy , art, feelings and memories …… To remember all that have left us in this Blue Planet.

In this case ….  See you soon Bowie StarMan -Musical Chameleon – Ziggy 🎵🎵🎵


Tell me wich is your favorite David Bowie Lyrics ,  Songs

We read us soon , see you soon everyone ☺ .




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