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See you at the stars David Bowie

” I Dont Know  Where Im Going  From Here , But I Promise it won’t be Boring “  ….. David Bowie …. The Man Who Feel To Earth


The planet is blue 😢 but you are back to the stars David Bowie 😊💖 where everything Sigue leyendo “See you at the stars David Bowie”

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Man Of Steel

Version Español

* Beware may contain some Spoilers

Now i´m here  to talk about one of the films most anticipated for this summer “The Man of Steel” and personally I have to say that; Superman to been one of my favorite superhero and I have some comics that collect since childhood and I have some appreciation, clearly do not think that I am an expert on the subject because he would lie, but I like: D.

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Oscar “Best Animated Film ”

Versión en Español Click Aqui

Much has been spoken,  if Brave deserves the Oscar and i couldn´t pass this opportunity to talk about it. I know that for those who are always behind a film,is  really they are difficult or very easy to work on it, is that when you work in the middle of the classical or 3D animation or VFX you have a grade  of complication. For my animation or VFX generally are a work of art, is impressive how  these artists give life to a character, object or story.  Sigue leyendo “Oscar “Best Animated Film ””

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Oscar “Mejor Película Animación”

English Version Clock Here 

Mucho se a hablado si Brave merece el Oscar y bueno no podía pasar esta ocasión para hablar de ello. Se que para los que están siempre detrás de una película,les es complicado o muy fácil trabajar en ella, se que  cuando trabajas en el medio de la animación clásica o por 3D o en los VFX, tienen un cierto grado de complicación. Para mi la animación  o los VFX en general se me hacen una obra de arte, es impresionante como estos artistas le dan vida a un personaje, objeto o una  historia. Sigue leyendo “Oscar “Mejor Película Animación””

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“””Dream & Follow Your Heart …Virideth”””””

Via Flickr: Lumi, originally uploaded by Virideth.

I got Inspired by this picture of my Little Dog sleeping to create this photo that end up used on my facebook cover and i think looks good ^^, since i show some of the things i like todo or enjoy ^^ .
Como muestran algunas de las cosas que me gusta Todo o disfrutar ^ ^. Sigue leyendo ““””Dream & Follow Your Heart …Virideth””””””