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See you at the stars David Bowie

” I Dont Know  Where Im Going  From Here , But I Promise it won’t be Boring “  ….. David Bowie …. The Man Who Feel To Earth


The planet is blue 😢 but you are back to the stars David Bowie 😊💖 where everything Sigue leyendo “See you at the stars David Bowie”

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FTISLAND : NEW / Nuevo MV ” To The Light “

MV ” To The Light ” Ft Island

Que tal me da mucho gusto saludarlos a todos !!!!

En esta ocasion quiero compartir con ustedes un video que me dio mucha emocion.
Pues bien el grupo Ft Island saco el nuevo MV de la cancion “To the Light ” en cual muestran 

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On My Way !!!!!

I know , theres been long time i havent write anything in here but well . 

Miracles happen so i decide to be back :D. 

And this time with a song Yeah !!!!!!  \m/

On My Way
On My Way

Picture Title : ” Life give you many surprises good and Bad :), At The Enfd Everyone Follow Their Own Path .”  

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