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Finlandia Vodka For Charity

30 Abr

I was surfing on internet when i found this news about Finlandia Vodka they will release new bottles In honor  of the anniversaries  Earth Day and Finlandia Vodka.
The designs are great they symbolaize the nature in the country and in the world this Each botles represents The Very Tired Rooster” representing the Midnight Sun, which shines for 73 days straight in the north of Finland; Untouched Nature represented by a Norse mythological character, “Ratatosk”, the red squirrel; Six-row barley featuring “The Cranes” walking in the barley field; Representing Pure Glacial Spring Water, “Thiaridae” freshwater snail.  bottles are designs by Klaus Haapaniemi , I have to say I love the Finnish Design is great 😀

I like all the ways to  help the global environmental, because we are forgetting the enviroment , we need to take care of it we sometimes forget the nature and it big importance becouse without it we couldnt survive in this world , I hope the world make these little change and turn to see the Nature is disappearing , we will raise awareness and help a little and help the world.
.If you want to buy these bottles and help these great cause you need to  have to acces in the website http://www.finlandiawaterbottle.com.  these bottles will be sell on May 3 , Don´t Forget it .
If you want to read more about these visit these website

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