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Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad,Hyvää Joulua,

24 Dic

Moomin Christmas Les deseo a todos una Feliz Navidad y que pasen un dia maravilloso y festejenlo como ustedes mas les guste y que Santa les traiga muchos regalos.
P.S : Esta semana estuvimos haciendo galletas de gengibre con una receta finlandesa haber que tal despues les muestro las fotos ^^.
Wish you all a Merry christmas , have a wonderfull day and enjoy it how the most you like ;=) .
And i hope santa Bring you lot of gifts .
Ps I was making Gingerbread cookies ^^ with a finnish recipe , this week with Fam later i show you some pics ;=)

I love Moomin

I do not know

21 Mar
Why when you take your way and pick up things you used to do, there is always a problem with all that why the human been most of the time is happy , they have complications that ruin the feeling of happiness.

Lights in Madrid

Might be because the life is not as beautiful as you   wanted and sometimes we have to be force to take roads that do not like “???

Why sometimes we have to do what others want, feel and think, Where then is what you want and asks where … … … … … …
Most of the time I feel that dreams instead of going right are falling apart
Why even I can not get used to this place Why is like this?’
I feel I’m where I belong not nothing more, nothing motivates to make that change Is so weird these feeling or much better strange sensation inside me ..
accompanying me, as long .
Is no longer if I wrote what I felt or just vague ideas,
But until then , just now that tomorrow is another day .
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