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Ni Moomin pudo resistirse al Chocolate Oaxaqueño.

6 Dic


Virideth compartió una foto contigo desde la aplicación de Flickr. Descúbrelo:
Ni Moomin Pudo resistirse a un chocolate Oaxaqueño

Pues tal y como lo dice la foto, Ni mi Pequeño Moomin pudo resistirse al rico chocolate Méxicano de Oaxaca. Y menos con este frio que ultimamente Sigue leyendo


Rocking With Momin : México ” Un Dia Lluvioso – Raining Day “

2 Sep

Bueno como mencione en mi post pasado, tengo una nueva sección aqui en mi blog titulada “Rocking with ” , Donde quiero compartir algunas fotos con diferentes personajes que me encantan y que son muy especiales para mi , en diferentes situaciones , lugares etc .
Espero que lo disfruten mucho .

Well like i said at my past post, i will have a new seccion here on my blog called ” Rocking with ” where want to show some pictures with different characters i love or are special to me at different places or situations hope you enjoy them :):):):)

Photo : Virideth

Photo : Virideth

En este caso que abrir el primer post con mi pequeño y adorado amigito
Sigue leyendo

The Seurasaari little harbor

27 Abr
The Seurasaari little harbor, originally uploaded by Virideth. Via Flickr:Picture taken at Seurasaari , Helsinki, Finland .

Seurasaari is a open air museum where you can find all the traditional finish way of life from for the past 4 centuries all around Finland. Well I know this picture dosent show much the museum Sigue leyendo

Blue & Pink Nails

14 Abr
Pink&blue nails, originally uploaded by Virideth.

Via Flickr:

” Hello to all =)  I know its been long time since i dont post any photo of my nails decorated it but well time sometimes its not enough for me so  today i have time and here it is ^_^. Sigue leyendo

Marimekko Google Doodle

21 Mar


Moi Mitä kuuluu?

Google gives welcome to  spring in a fashionable way!  yes !!!  with one of my favorite brands from Finland Marimekko.

The doodle show some patterns , textures from this brand I love the design and of course they include my favorite flower .
Ps :  Today at Mexico City was a big earthquake was really bad

*Google da bienvenida a la primavera a la moda! Sí! con una de mis marcas favoritas de Finlandia Marimekko.

El programa de dibujo algunos patrones, texturas de esta marca me encanta el diseño y por supuesto que son mis flores favoritas. Textura.
Ps : Por cierto hoy en la Ciudad de México hubo un temblor (terremoto)  muy fuerte  un momento de mucho miedo estovo feo …

レ o √ 乇 ♥&♡

16 Feb
SurpriseMy Little Friends /Do you Believe in Fairies ? I do  : )One Of My Favorite  CandiesRainbow in Aranjuez ,SpainLa casa azul /The Blue HouseDuck & His  Little Cupcake  Friend
"hjarta mitt"So Simple But the Ring Say it all LOVESkwinkles I Love themMuseo Pablo PicassoAutumn LeafMy Little Teddy bear  is Bichon Maltese =)  is 2 months in this picture =)  he is so cute & spongy .
Lumi <3 ThinkingLumi BedtimeLumi & Coca ColaHearts Candle ♥Dwarf´s gardenFrozen Red Berries
ApplesLittle BiteLittle Drops After Lovely RainFour-leaf clover But this is Tree/LoveLate afternoon / Like Vanilla Ice creamSunflower-Happy Flower

レ o √ 乇 ♥&♡, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Little Treasure but Shhhhhh is a secret

* Today Many Nice Memories came to my mind , They are my little treasures that i keep in my mind ♥

Sharing with you some of my photographs .

* Hoy muchos bonitos recuerdos vinieron a mi mente , ellos son mis pequeños tesoros que guardo en mi mente ♥

Les comparto algunas de mis fotografias =)

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

14 Feb

Google Doodle this time is according to this lovely day for some and the day some people dont want to talk about Yeahhh I know is Valentine´s Day and this time Google as always give us this little animation with the song Cold Cold, performed by Tony Bennett . People will said this is so true what is happening to this little boy but well sometimes boys dont know what exactly wil make their couple be so happy or the perfect give is not necessary million gifts or expensive gifts sometimes is more value the actions and the time to spent with your couple =) than a expensive gift . Thats a tip for you boys and girls ^_^ .

Hope you enjoy this days people who like to celebrate it with your couple, friends, family, pet and for the people who celebrate this day spreading love everyday keep the good work becouse valentine´s day can be everyday you want ;=) .

With Love 

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