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The Google Doodle ” Finland Independence Day

6 Dic

The Google Doodle

Suomen itsenäisyyspäivä /
Happy Independence Day Finland ¡¡¡
Feliz Dia de la Independencia Finlandia
Wish you All Great Day .


Im Back To Stay

2 Dic

      I know , Have being long time since i havent write anything but now im  back to stay and i really hope      you dear reader follow me in this  adventure =) and see what it brings =) .   Hope nice things ^^.
Ps  :Remember im not perfect in english so have patience. I leave you a  picture of my Flickr Page the i took at Finland, I really like the colors very much in  keeping with the times.
Ya se , ya se a pasado mucho tiempo , que no  eh escrito nada pero estoy de regreso para quedarme =) , espero que tu  mi querido lector me sigas en esta aventura y espero que traiaga algo  bueno Siiiii Cosas Buenas =) . Les dejo una foto de Flickr que tome en Finlandia , esta foto me  gusta mucho sus colores muy acorde con la epoca .
Virideth ;=)

Finlandia Vodka For Charity

30 Abr

I was surfing on internet when i found this news about Finlandia Vodka they will release new bottles In honor  of the anniversaries  Earth Day and Finlandia Vodka.
The designs are great they symbolaize the nature in the country and in the world this Each botles represents The Very Tired Rooster” representing the Midnight Sun, which shines for 73 days straight in the north of Finland; Untouched Nature represented by a Norse mythological character, “Ratatosk”, the red squirrel; Six-row barley featuring “The Cranes” walking in the barley field; Representing Pure Glacial Spring Water, “Thiaridae” freshwater snail.  bottles are designs by Klaus Haapaniemi , I have to say I love the Finnish Design is great 😀

I like all the ways to  help the global environmental, because we are forgetting the enviroment , we need to take care of it we sometimes forget the nature and it big importance becouse without it we couldnt survive in this world , I hope the world make these little change and turn to see the Nature is disappearing , we will raise awareness and help a little and help the world.
.If you want to buy these bottles and help these great cause you need to  have to acces in the website http://www.finlandiawaterbottle.com.  these bottles will be sell on May 3 , Don´t Forget it .
If you want to read more about these visit these website

I do not know

21 Mar
Why when you take your way and pick up things you used to do, there is always a problem with all that why the human been most of the time is happy , they have complications that ruin the feeling of happiness.

Lights in Madrid

Might be because the life is not as beautiful as you   wanted and sometimes we have to be force to take roads that do not like “???

Why sometimes we have to do what others want, feel and think, Where then is what you want and asks where … … … … … …
Most of the time I feel that dreams instead of going right are falling apart
Why even I can not get used to this place Why is like this?’
I feel I’m where I belong not nothing more, nothing motivates to make that change Is so weird these feeling or much better strange sensation inside me ..
accompanying me, as long .
Is no longer if I wrote what I felt or just vague ideas,
But until then , just now that tomorrow is another day .

I´m Back

10 Mar

Well i have to say that i ´ve been Lost for few months , well im still lost but im back here to write , if i havent here for Awhile was becouse my life change alot in these time , and well the time wasnt so perfect for write and more when the inspiration isnt in your head . But well i hope my inspiration is back and i hope to write more .
And I will write later  whats been all these time of my absence.
For a couple of weeks i´ve been passing time on Flickr so im very glad to show my pictures to all of you 😀 and i hope comments about them too.
Well for now is all 🙂

Surprise of the Autumn

13 Oct

Finland has 4 seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn . Now is the season of the Autumn wich begging at the end of august in Lapland and month later in southwestern Finland , the temperature below to 10º and start to go down to 5º or 0º at night , is very interesting to see how the forest changes colors from the beautiful green to red, orange or yellow.Finland Forest

I have to say looks beautiful to see the trees full of different colors the weather here in the south of Finland is not so cold even yesterday was the first snow which most of the time begins in the south in October or November and in the north in September . Here is one picture of the forest today morning after the snow of yesterday 😀 beautiful combination of colors of the autumn with the beginning white of the snow .

Reindeer Meet

13 Oct

Last sunday i went to my boyfriend´s brother house to eat here in Lahti and well my boyfriend told me we were going to eat Reindeer¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Because his wife is from Lapland so a typical food  in Lapland is the reindeer . Well i have to say i like it too much i never thought i would like to eat a reindeer . the meal was prepared with reindeer  meat  cut into thin slices salt  butter , black pepper and is served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. The flavor of the meet is like a cow so you even dont notice the difference , after all wasn’t so bad in fact i like it a lot 😀 .

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