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The Begining And The End

10 Oct

After no writing few days or much better weeks ,but this has an explanation my life has changed a lot  in the few days, weeks months and is because now i am not living anymore at Madrid . Yeah Madrid 😛 I was a Mexican student living in Madrid for 5 years and little bit more,i sometimes we need to make changes for next steps and plans for the future . But well I have to say i love Madrid and sometimes i hated it so much and Now i miss it but always will be in my heart and part of my life, for the next posts , i will write about my experience in Madrid as a foreign student. Some people will think is too late after 5 years but i have to say nothing is impossible and never is too late to try things.

Now i am visiting Finland before back home , the question in the air is why Finland well because i have a boyfriend from here and i came to visit him for awhile for 2 month i will be here and i have to say is beautiful , last year i came here was summer beutiful summer now is autumn and the forest looks beautiful  My first contact with Finland was the Song Finland from Jean Sibelius and time later was Apocalyptica and other metal Bands from here wich is my favorite .

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