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100 Montaditos Mexico

6 May
MontaditosDF Virideth by Virideth
MontaditosDF Virideth, a photo by Virideth on Flickr.

El pasado viernes fui a comer unos Montaditos  sii asi como lo leen =)  y no tuve que  ir hasta españa  que bueno el viaje no hubiera estado mal 😛  pero eso m e lo reservo para otra ocasión pronto.  Bueno esta vez solo tuve que ir muy cerca a una de mis colonias favoritas de esta inmensa Ciudad de México  la colonia Sigue leyendo

H&M in México

10 Mar


After all the rumors about H&M will open a store (s) in México looks like this is a dream come true (well i said that becouse i love the clothes of H&M & bring me nice memories of my shopaholic times  XD when i spent sometimes in the store and  well i´ve been missing them so much! ). Today in the oficial twitter @HM have confirm the new stores include México above is a screencapture of their tweet  including the twitter for H&M Mexico @hmmexico_ now we just have to wait the date of the opening.  Welcome  H&m to México City =D.

Despues de todos los rumores acerca de que H&M abriría tiendas en México , parecer ser que es un sueño hecho realidad (Bueno escribo un sueño realidad porque eh estado esperando por esto desde hace mucho tiempo porque me gusta la ropa de H&M y me trae recuerdos muy bonitos de mis tiempos de shopaholic ha! XD y perdia el tiempo en su tienda  y bueno tambien la eh extrañado bastante). Hoy en su twitter oficial @HM  confirmarón sus nuevas tiendas dentro de las cuales se encuentra  México arriba esta la captura de pantalla de su tweet y donde tambien incluyen el nuevo twitter para H&M México @hmmexico_ .Ahora solo nos queda esperar la fecha de inaguración. Bienvenido H&M  =D

レ o √ 乇 ♥&♡

16 Feb
SurpriseMy Little Friends /Do you Believe in Fairies ? I do  : )One Of My Favorite  CandiesRainbow in Aranjuez ,SpainLa casa azul /The Blue HouseDuck & His  Little Cupcake  Friend
"hjarta mitt"So Simple But the Ring Say it all LOVESkwinkles I Love themMuseo Pablo PicassoAutumn LeafMy Little Teddy bear  is Bichon Maltese =)  is 2 months in this picture =)  he is so cute & spongy .
Lumi <3 ThinkingLumi BedtimeLumi & Coca ColaHearts Candle ♥Dwarf´s gardenFrozen Red Berries
ApplesLittle BiteLittle Drops After Lovely RainFour-leaf clover But this is Tree/LoveLate afternoon / Like Vanilla Ice creamSunflower-Happy Flower

レ o √ 乇 ♥&♡, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Little Treasure but Shhhhhh is a secret

* Today Many Nice Memories came to my mind , They are my little treasures that i keep in my mind ♥

Sharing with you some of my photographs .

* Hoy muchos bonitos recuerdos vinieron a mi mente , ellos son mis pequeños tesoros que guardo en mi mente ♥

Les comparto algunas de mis fotografias =)

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

14 Feb

Google Doodle this time is according to this lovely day for some and the day some people dont want to talk about Yeahhh I know is Valentine´s Day and this time Google as always give us this little animation with the song Cold Cold, performed by Tony Bennett . People will said this is so true what is happening to this little boy but well sometimes boys dont know what exactly wil make their couple be so happy or the perfect give is not necessary million gifts or expensive gifts sometimes is more value the actions and the time to spent with your couple =) than a expensive gift . Thats a tip for you boys and girls ^_^ .

Hope you enjoy this days people who like to celebrate it with your couple, friends, family, pet and for the people who celebrate this day spreading love everyday keep the good work becouse valentine´s day can be everyday you want ;=) .

With Love 

I´m Back

10 Mar

Well i have to say that i ´ve been Lost for few months , well im still lost but im back here to write , if i havent here for Awhile was becouse my life change alot in these time , and well the time wasnt so perfect for write and more when the inspiration isnt in your head . But well i hope my inspiration is back and i hope to write more .
And I will write later  whats been all these time of my absence.
For a couple of weeks i´ve been passing time on Flickr so im very glad to show my pictures to all of you 😀 and i hope comments about them too.
Well for now is all 🙂

The Begining And The End

10 Oct

After no writing few days or much better weeks ,but this has an explanation my life has changed a lot  in the few days, weeks months and is because now i am not living anymore at Madrid . Yeah Madrid 😛 I was a Mexican student living in Madrid for 5 years and little bit more,i sometimes we need to make changes for next steps and plans for the future . But well I have to say i love Madrid and sometimes i hated it so much and Now i miss it but always will be in my heart and part of my life, for the next posts , i will write about my experience in Madrid as a foreign student. Some people will think is too late after 5 years but i have to say nothing is impossible and never is too late to try things.

Now i am visiting Finland before back home , the question in the air is why Finland well because i have a boyfriend from here and i came to visit him for awhile for 2 month i will be here and i have to say is beautiful , last year i came here was summer beutiful summer now is autumn and the forest looks beautiful  My first contact with Finland was the Song Finland from Jean Sibelius and time later was Apocalyptica and other metal Bands from here wich is my favorite .

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