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Coco Chanel Quote

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Coco Chanel Quote, originally uploaded by virideth.

Via Flickr:
One of my Fav quote of Coco Chanel .

I got inspire by this quote and i draw this little lady ^_^ .


2012 Wishes – Dior

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This Video remind me this ….
“Everything start with a dream and if you pursue that dream you can make many dreams come true and yours more.”  Like Dior did just  little example
Hope all your dreas for this 2012 come true ….
“Todo comienza con un sueño y si tu persigues ese sueño puedes tambien hacer realidad el de muchos otros y sobretodo los tuyos ;=) ” .  Como Dior lo hizo , este es solo un pequeño ejemplo..
Les deseo que todos sueños para este 2012 se cumplan

A golden Christmas by Dior

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Oh My DIOR ¡¡¡¡¡¡
With all this Amazing Gifts Ö.Ö
this Could Be the best Christmas =)
Pss : Dear Santa Think Of Me hahaha XD.

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