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Rocking With Momin : México ” Un Dia Lluvioso – Raining Day “

2 Sep

Bueno como mencione en mi post pasado, tengo una nueva sección aqui en mi blog titulada “Rocking with ” , Donde quiero compartir algunas fotos con diferentes personajes que me encantan y que son muy especiales para mi , en diferentes situaciones , lugares etc .
Espero que lo disfruten mucho .

Well like i said at my past post, i will have a new seccion here on my blog called ” Rocking with ” where want to show some pictures with different characters i love or are special to me at different places or situations hope you enjoy them :):):):)

Photo : Virideth

Photo : Virideth

En este caso que abrir el primer post con mi pequeño y adorado amigito
Sigue leyendo


14 de Febrero del 2013

14 Feb

14 de Febrero del 2013 …. Si hoy este dia en el que eh decidido regresar a este blog. Yeeeiii ,  que lo tenia ya un poco abandonado ups! y que ademas hoy es el día en que el todos los románticos festejan este día, Sigue leyendo

Pssst , Pssst …..

6 Jun

I was watching this video wich i recomend you  lot its amazing =) take your time and watch it  …
But well some thought just cross my mind  after watching it …….. Sigue leyendo

Lumi HDR

9 Abr
Lumi HDR, originally uploaded by Virideth.

Via Flickr:

This is Lumi my lovely Dog that i love so much is my little friend as some of you know this is an old picture of him , he has in this picture 1 year and 3 months how fast time pass :/ , and this weekend i decide to check some of his picture and i found this where you can see how big he is now well in years becouse in size is so small I love him so much and by the way he loves to play with his ballon and run around the house hahaa =) .
This Photograph is HDR

Wish you a great start of the week =) .

Visit :

My Little Teddy bear is Bichon Maltese =) is 2 months in this picture =) he is so cute & spongy .

2 Mar

This is a throwback picture of my little dog Lumi =) . I love him so much and time has gone so fast here in this pciture is just two months and now he is 1 year 4 months awww.

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

14 Feb

Google Doodle this time is according to this lovely day for some and the day some people dont want to talk about Yeahhh I know is Valentine´s Day and this time Google as always give us this little animation with the song Cold Cold, performed by Tony Bennett . People will said this is so true what is happening to this little boy but well sometimes boys dont know what exactly wil make their couple be so happy or the perfect give is not necessary million gifts or expensive gifts sometimes is more value the actions and the time to spent with your couple =) than a expensive gift . Thats a tip for you boys and girls ^_^ .

Hope you enjoy this days people who like to celebrate it with your couple, friends, family, pet and for the people who celebrate this day spreading love everyday keep the good work becouse valentine´s day can be everyday you want ;=) .

With Love 

Michael Jackson Superbowl XXVIII Halftime Show 1993

3 Feb

And well as some of you know Im a big fan of Michael Jackson I love him so much since the superbowl is getting closer i was thinking well imagine how awesome would have been another half time with him again but now using this new technology in shows , cameras , HD ,lights, and more wow defenitly that would have been awesome and more becouse he always love to innovete in his shows & performance  Be Original .
Let you with one of my Best Superbowl performance ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhh

Y bueno como algunos de ustedes saben que soy mega fan de Michael Jackson , Lo Amo demasiado muchooooo  y como el Superbowl esta cada vez mas cerca , me puse a pensar que grandioso seria un medio tiempo otra vez con Michael  y claro utilizando la nueva tecnologia para los espectaculos, camaras, escenarios , HD , luces, vestuario y mas . WOW !!!! definitivamente eso hubiera sido grandioso y mas porque a el siempre le gusto innovar en todos sus shows y presentaciones ser original .
Les dejo un video de uno de mis medio tiempo favoritos del Superbowl .

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