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Friend ❤ Lumi

22 Ene


Virideth compartió una foto contigo desde la aplicación de Flickr. Descúbrelo: https://flic.kr/p/CrsPV3

Want to share thix picture i took of

Lumi ❤ he is always waitting me or with me 🙂
I share this quote i found really true 🙆:) 
               ” Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend …. Never had a dog. ”
See you soon 😉


Its Cold – Hace Frio :? … Lumi 🐶

9 Dic


Les comparto una pequeña foto de Lumi ☺☺☺
Sharing a picture of Lumi .

Its Cold – Hace Frio 😕 … Lumi 🐶
Esperando mientras Virideth Termina
Waitting While Virideth Finish .

Virideth compartió una foto contigo desde la aplicación de Flickr. Descúbrelo:
Its Cold - Hace Frio  ... Lumi


We ate the rests of San Valentine´s Day

19 Feb
Nos Comimos los restos de San Valentin O.O , Si asi es como lo dice el titulo , pero se que suena un poco loco el nombre pero simplemente , es porque Lumi y yo recibimos algunos dulces y Seguir leyendo

“””Dream & Follow Your Heart …Virideth”””””

5 May

Via Flickr: Lumi, originally uploaded by Virideth.

I got Inspired by this picture of my Little Dog sleeping to create this photo that end up used on my facebook cover and i think looks good ^^, since i show some of the things i like todo or enjoy ^^ .
Como muestran algunas de las cosas que me gusta Todo o disfrutar ^ ^. Seguir leyendo

Lumi HDR

9 Abr
Lumi HDR, originally uploaded by Virideth.

Via Flickr:

This is Lumi my lovely Dog that i love so much is my little friend as some of you know this is an old picture of him , he has in this picture 1 year and 3 months how fast time pass :/ , and this weekend i decide to check some of his picture and i found this where you can see how big he is now well in years becouse in size is so small I love him so much and by the way he loves to play with his ballon and run around the house hahaa =) .
This Photograph is HDR

Wish you a great start of the week =) .

Visit :

My Little Teddy bear is Bichon Maltese =) is 2 months in this picture =) he is so cute & spongy .

2 Mar

This is a throwback picture of my little dog Lumi =) . I love him so much and time has gone so fast here in this pciture is just two months and now he is 1 year 4 months awww.

My Little Cookie Monster / Mi Pequeño Monstruo come galletas

27 Dic

Via Flickr:
After we did the Gingerbread Cookies Lumi (My Little Dog) was sitting in the chair watching them,  i think he really wanted to eat one Hmm >_> No One All !!! I  LOVE his Face 😄
If you want to see the picture more larger please visit My Flickr o da click a la imagen

Despues de que hicimos las galletas de jengibre Lumi ( Mi perrito ) estaba sentado en una silla observando las galletas, Creo que el realmente tenia muchas ganas de comer una galleta Hmm…… No Una Todas !!!!  Amo su cara 😄
Si quieres ver la fotografia mas grande visita mi Flickr o click the image

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