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100 Montaditos Mexico

6 May
MontaditosDF Virideth by Virideth
MontaditosDF Virideth, a photo by Virideth on Flickr.

El pasado viernes fui a comer unos Montaditos  sii asi como lo leen =)  y no tuve que  ir hasta españa  que bueno el viaje no hubiera estado mal 😛  pero eso m e lo reservo para otra ocasión pronto.  Bueno esta vez solo tuve que ir muy cerca a una de mis colonias favoritas de esta inmensa Ciudad de México  la colonia Sigue leyendo


H&M in México

10 Mar


After all the rumors about H&M will open a store (s) in México looks like this is a dream come true (well i said that becouse i love the clothes of H&M & bring me nice memories of my shopaholic times  XD when i spent sometimes in the store and  well i´ve been missing them so much! ). Today in the oficial twitter @HM have confirm the new stores include México above is a screencapture of their tweet  including the twitter for H&M Mexico @hmmexico_ now we just have to wait the date of the opening.  Welcome  H&m to México City =D.

Despues de todos los rumores acerca de que H&M abriría tiendas en México , parecer ser que es un sueño hecho realidad (Bueno escribo un sueño realidad porque eh estado esperando por esto desde hace mucho tiempo porque me gusta la ropa de H&M y me trae recuerdos muy bonitos de mis tiempos de shopaholic ha! XD y perdia el tiempo en su tienda  y bueno tambien la eh extrañado bastante). Hoy en su twitter oficial @HM  confirmarón sus nuevas tiendas dentro de las cuales se encuentra  México arriba esta la captura de pantalla de su tweet y donde tambien incluyen el nuevo twitter para H&M México @hmmexico_ .Ahora solo nos queda esperar la fecha de inaguración. Bienvenido H&M  =D

レ o √ 乇 ♥&♡

16 Feb
SurpriseMy Little Friends /Do you Believe in Fairies ? I do  : )One Of My Favorite  CandiesRainbow in Aranjuez ,SpainLa casa azul /The Blue HouseDuck & His  Little Cupcake  Friend
"hjarta mitt"So Simple But the Ring Say it all LOVESkwinkles I Love themMuseo Pablo PicassoAutumn LeafMy Little Teddy bear  is Bichon Maltese =)  is 2 months in this picture =)  he is so cute & spongy .
Lumi <3 ThinkingLumi BedtimeLumi & Coca ColaHearts Candle ♥Dwarf´s gardenFrozen Red Berries
ApplesLittle BiteLittle Drops After Lovely RainFour-leaf clover But this is Tree/LoveLate afternoon / Like Vanilla Ice creamSunflower-Happy Flower

レ o √ 乇 ♥&♡, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Little Treasure but Shhhhhh is a secret

* Today Many Nice Memories came to my mind , They are my little treasures that i keep in my mind ♥

Sharing with you some of my photographs .

* Hoy muchos bonitos recuerdos vinieron a mi mente , ellos son mis pequeños tesoros que guardo en mi mente ♥

Les comparto algunas de mis fotografias =)

CHANEL Wishes 2012

3 Ene


A Fantastique ! Message from Chanel to all of you ;=)  that love or like this famous brand ;  i have to say is one of my faves .
Golden wishes .

Un mensaje Fantastico de Chanel a todos ustedes  que aman o les gusta esta marca , Yo tengo que confesar que es una de mis favoritas ❤

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad,Hyvää Joulua,

24 Dic

Moomin Christmas Les deseo a todos una Feliz Navidad y que pasen un dia maravilloso y festejenlo como ustedes mas les guste y que Santa les traiga muchos regalos.
P.S : Esta semana estuvimos haciendo galletas de gengibre con una receta finlandesa haber que tal despues les muestro las fotos ^^.
Wish you all a Merry christmas , have a wonderfull day and enjoy it how the most you like ;=) .
And i hope santa Bring you lot of gifts .
Ps I was making Gingerbread cookies ^^ with a finnish recipe , this week with Fam later i show you some pics ;=)

I love Moomin

Busy, Busy

27 Abr

Busy So busyOk everybody .
i have to say all this time
I ´ve been like the girl in the picture hahaha
a lot of things in my mind and to do but not
clear ideas or acts, investigations of any kind , drawing, serching at internet, designing,editting and much more .
I know , I know i time to make them work but how ?
I will try I promise 😀 . But when I do not Know . Ok Ok soon
Well soon i will try to update my blog with neew thing and interesting things i see everyday at internet, the internet world is great you dont know everytime you serch or open a page wich surprise you can find .
I wish i could have more hands hahahaha like her

I do not know

21 Mar
Why when you take your way and pick up things you used to do, there is always a problem with all that why the human been most of the time is happy , they have complications that ruin the feeling of happiness.

Lights in Madrid

Might be because the life is not as beautiful as you   wanted and sometimes we have to be force to take roads that do not like “???

Why sometimes we have to do what others want, feel and think, Where then is what you want and asks where … … … … … …
Most of the time I feel that dreams instead of going right are falling apart
Why even I can not get used to this place Why is like this?’
I feel I’m where I belong not nothing more, nothing motivates to make that change Is so weird these feeling or much better strange sensation inside me ..
accompanying me, as long .
Is no longer if I wrote what I felt or just vague ideas,
But until then , just now that tomorrow is another day .
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