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Lumi HDR

Lumi HDR, originally uploaded by Virideth.

Via Flickr:

This is Lumi my lovely Dog that i love so much is my little friend as some of you know this is an old picture of him , he has in this picture 1 year and 3 months how fast time pass :/ , and this weekend i decide to check some of his picture and i found this where you can see how big he is now well in years becouse in size is so small I love him so much and by the way he loves to play with his ballon and run around the house hahaa =) .
This Photograph is HDR

Wish you a great start of the week =) .

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Desierto de los leones

If you looking for a place to go this weekend in touch with nature and you are at Mexico City well here is an option you defenitly cant miss  and its El Desierto de los leones  (Desert of the Lions)  “if you wonder why its call like that well its said that a family who live there had the last name Lion  some others becouse long time ago in this are there was some lions this is not sure, and the name desert is becouse the monks tat lived there use to call their residents deserts.”
You can enjoy there the forest where you can walk and find the river that is very beutiful place If you go in the morning you have lot of time to enjoy this place  &  visit the Carmelite monastery  is amazing historical place  that sometimes you can find very misterious .
“Si  buscas un lugar a donde ir este fin de semana y estar en  contacto con la naturaleza y te encuentras en la Ciudad de México, aquí tienes una opción que definitivamente no te puedes perder  El Desierto de los Leones (Desierto de los Leones).
“Si te  preguntas porque este lugar tiene este nombre es porque se dice que una familia que viva allí tenía el apellido de León y fue por eso que tomo ese nombre algunos otros piensan que es porqe hace mucho tiempo en este lugar habia leones leones claro esto no es seguro y la palabra desierto es el nombre que los monjes que vivíeron en este lugar utilizaban la plabra desierto para llamar a sus residentes.
Puedes disfrutar en este lugar  caminar en el bosque ,  encontrar el río que es un lugar muy hermoso  , si quieres aprovechar de este lugar al maximo  ve temprano (en la mañana).Asi  tienes mucho tiempo para disfrutar de este lugar y visitar el monasterio carmelita ; es lugar histórico y asombroso que a veces  puedes encontrarlo muy misterioso pero es parte de su encanto. “
Desierto de los leones, originally uploaded by Virideth.
Via Flickr: Monastery at Desierto de los leones Mexico City

 This picutres (HDR) are from the Carmelite monastery and in picture  you can see this lovely vitral that decorate the church.
Now you have a new place to visit at México city be surrond by nature  & history   and if you love photography well this is a place you can take lot of pics.
Have a great weekend and Enjoy Nature  .
“Estas fotos (HDR) son del monasterio de las Carmelitas y en la foto se puede ver este hermoso vitral que decora la iglesia.
Ahora ya tienes  un nuevo lugar para visitar en la ciudad de México y estar rodeado por la naturaleza , la historia y si te gusta la fotografía es un lugar que  no te puedes perder porque puedes tomar muchas fotos.
Buen fin de semana y disfrutar la naturaleza. “
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HDR FLOWERS, originally uploaded by Virideth.

Via Flickr:
picture taken at my garden.

I took this picture at my garden the technique im using is HDR ( High dynamic range) , I like so much how great the leaves look on this photo later on this week I will post some other pictures with this tecnique hope you like it .
Have a great start of this week :).

Esta foto la tomé en mi jardín la técnica que use es HDR (Imagenes de alto rango dinamico), me gusta mucho como lucen las hojas en esta foto más adelante en esta semana voy a publicar algunas fotos mas con esta técnica espero que les guste.
Que tengan un gran comienzo de  semana 🙂

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From Finland To México

Gifts From FinlandGifts From FinlandGifts From FinlandGifts From FinlandGifts From FinlandGifts From Finland
Gifts From FinlandGifts From Finland

Christmas, a set on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Hyvää Joulua … Moomin, Hearts, candles, salmiakki , Tonttus and more……

*This Christmas we had so cute presents =) from the north of the world ….  From Finland =)I have to said that for many years ago uuuuuuhhh many … I´ve been in love with this country might be in other time i will tell you why ;=)
But for now i want to share this post i couldnt show you before becouse i didnt have time but Now i have so here is it . We got some Candies ,Salmiakki Candles. Tonttu so cute ^_^ and of course the lovely character from Finland Moomin but this time in Mugs and More .
If you want to see the pictures click in the image or .

** Esta Navidad nos llegaron unos regalos desde el norte del mundo …. desde Finlandia.
Tengo que decir que por muchos años pero muchooooosssssss, eh estado enamorada de ese país , pero tal vez en otra ocacion les cuente porque  ;=) .
Pero ahora les quiere compartir este post que no les pude enseñar antes porque no tuve tiempo pero bueno ahora si , asi que aqui esta . Nos llegaron Dulces, Salmiakki,Velas, Tonttus (Duendes) muy lindos y por supuesto el tan querido personaje  en Finlandia Moomin pero esta vez en taza y muchas cositas mas .
Si quieren ver las fotos en grande y mejor denle click a las fotos o visita
With Love 

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Finlandia Vodka For Charity

I was surfing on internet when i found this news about Finlandia Vodka they will release new bottles In honor  of the anniversaries  Earth Day and Finlandia Vodka.
The designs are great they symbolaize the nature in the country and in the world this Each botles represents The Very Tired Rooster” representing the Midnight Sun, which shines for 73 days straight in the north of Finland; Untouched Nature represented by a Norse mythological character, “Ratatosk”, the red squirrel; Six-row barley featuring “The Cranes” walking in the barley field; Representing Pure Glacial Spring Water, “Thiaridae” freshwater snail.  bottles are designs by Klaus Haapaniemi , I have to say I love the Finnish Design is great 😀

I like all the ways to  help the global environmental, because we are forgetting the enviroment , we need to take care of it we sometimes forget the nature and it big importance becouse without it we couldnt survive in this world , I hope the world make these little change and turn to see the Nature is disappearing , we will raise awareness and help a little and help the world.
.If you want to buy these bottles and help these great cause you need to  have to acces in the website  these bottles will be sell on May 3 , Don´t Forget it .
If you want to read more about these visit these website