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100 Montaditos Mexico

6 May
MontaditosDF Virideth by Virideth
MontaditosDF Virideth, a photo by Virideth on Flickr.

El pasado viernes fui a comer unos Montaditos  sii asi como lo leen =)  y no tuve que  ir hasta españa  que bueno el viaje no hubiera estado mal 😛  pero eso m e lo reservo para otra ocasión pronto.  Bueno esta vez solo tuve que ir muy cerca a una de mis colonias favoritas de esta inmensa Ciudad de México  la colonia Sigue leyendo


Barro Negro Oaxaca

28 Abr
Hello  hope everybody is having a great weekend  =) , this time i wanna show you some pictures i took long time ago better said some years ago  using a Nikon FM10  yess it was a manual camera that used 35 mm Film  in fact was one of my frist cameras thats why it has a special place 🙂  i discover next to it my big passion for photography , that time  I was so in love with that camera well Im still In love of it ^^ ….. forever ….. I still  used it sometimes . Sigue leyendo

Lumi HDR

9 Abr
Lumi HDR, originally uploaded by Virideth.

Via Flickr:

This is Lumi my lovely Dog that i love so much is my little friend as some of you know this is an old picture of him , he has in this picture 1 year and 3 months how fast time pass :/ , and this weekend i decide to check some of his picture and i found this where you can see how big he is now well in years becouse in size is so small I love him so much and by the way he loves to play with his ballon and run around the house hahaa =) .
This Photograph is HDR

Wish you a great start of the week =) .

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